2021 – The Year of Rediscovery

So, if you’re close to me, you’ve probably heard me talk about the fact that 2020 was my year of self-care. I’m a classic Enneagram type 2, so I’m always taking care of everyone but myself. For years, I had neglected both my physical health and my mental health.

After my ex-husband and I separated, I started seeing a wonderful therapist who firmly suggested I start taking better care of myself. And for once, I actually listened.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Caught up on yearly physical checkups.
  2. Lost 30 pounds.
  3. Bought an entirely new wardrobe (thanks to item 2 and Loft 😆).
  4. Monthly spa visits (facials 💕).
  5. Learned how to actually use makeup beyond foundation and powder.
  6. Started taking medication for my anxiety.
  7. Went on lots of first dates and several second dates (I had not done that as a young adult because I got married to my HS boyfriend at 20 years old).
  8. Traveled to the Virgin Islands for vacation and it was lovely (including going to a little locals bar near the beach…everyone was high and dancing to Reggae music, an activity that I never would have been able to do without anxiety meds 😂).

Of all of the above, #2 and #5 had the biggest impact in my life. I’ve kept the weight off for more than a year and my anxiety is under control. I had no idea how much anxiety I had been dealing with until it was gone. I honestly felt “normal” for the first time ever. Seriously, ever. I realize now what an anxious child I was.

So here we are now in 2021. Well into 2021, actually. I’ve dubbed 2021 the Year of Rediscovery.

I have a “bucket list” of sorts of things I have been rediscovering about myself:

  • Art – Currently, I’m learning hand lettering (kind of like calligraphy).
  • Music – I was a musician in high school. I sang in multiple choirs, at weddings, and in church on a pretty regular basis. I haven’t been able to do anything with this yet, but I’d like to find an adult choir or something similar. If I get really, really brave, maybe a cover band?
  • Writing – Once I make time for it, I really enjoy writing. I’m using this blog to channel that. I’m going to work really hard to carve time out for writing every week even if it’s not terribly deep or moving. It’s good for my soul to release my thoughts into the wild.
  • Joy – okay, this never really went away, but it was definitely on ice the last several years. I’ve found that pursuing things I love brings me a ton of joy, so this one is pretty easy.

So there’s my list for this year. Of course, I’m still maintaining and adding to my self-care habits as well. There’s no denying the physical and mental changes I’ve seen. It’s like night and day.

I can’t wait to reflect back on this year and how much I’ve rediscovered about who I am and what I love. ❤️

  1. So so happy for you sweetie. As your friend I’ve been rooting for you and as your cousin I knew you were strong!

    1. ❤️😘

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