The one where Missy decides to build a house 🏡

I’ve talked about this some on Facebook and Instagram, but I thought it would be fun to start documenting my new home’s progress here.

This may be a total snoozefest for lots of readers, but I know some of y’all are home improvement and home decor enthusiasts just like me, so this one is for you!

Last fall, in the midst of my divorce, I was trying to find something to distract myself + trying to decide what the heck I wanted to do with myself after my lease expired. This apartment has been a great place for me and Ethan to land, but walking the dogs multiple times a day, carrying groceries up to the third floor, and not having many outdoor activities for Ethan, I knew I had to get us to a different situation.

The housing market in the Indianapolis area is bonkers right now. People put their homes on the market and receive multiple offers over asking price within hours. Not only does that sound like a nightmare as a buyer, it also wasn’t practical for me with transitioning from the apartment where I HAVE to have a place to go once my lease is up.

We had built with Pulte down in Tennessee and had a terrific experience, so I started looking into whether it was feasible for little ‘ol single Missy to afford such a thing. Long story short, low interest rates make it quite easy to buy something nice!

My final decision to build, however, was based on the fact that it’s just me now (and Ethan every other week). I did not want to navigate maintenance and updates on an older home. I needed move-in-ready because ain’t nobody got time for dat.

So back in December, I signed a contract to build with Pulte! The house is honestly too big for just me and Ethan and the dogs, but it’s one of the smallest plans they offered that had a downstairs office option for me, which I consider non-negotiable. I’m such a diva. Sorry, not sorry.

I plan to document the rest of my building adventure and subsequent home decor adventures on this blog. This first batch is the preliminary stuff: drawing of the elevation I chose, floor plan, and my selections!

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