Oh boy! Much excite. I stopped by the house today and there was a bunch of progress. It seems like the builder is right on schedule, which is awesome. Knock on wood.

The first thing I noticed is that they have put siding on most of the house. They have done the sides and the back, but not the front yet. The front will have brick as well, so I think maybe they’re waiting for the brick to be done before they put the siding on the top half of the front. It was tough to get a picture of it, though, because the color is a light gray and it just didn’t show up in the picture. Whomp whomp. But it’s exactly what I had envisioned, so I am thrilled!

They’ve also primed the inside of the house. I did not opt to pay the $3500 upgrade fee to have them paint a color that I didn’t even like. 🙄 So I just went with the builder beige flat paint. I plan to re-paint it all anyway. I’m sure that’s not a surprise if you know me. 😆 And of course I will share all of my plans and projects here!

Next, they’ve started putting the cabinets in. The kitchen was mostly done, but I see that they are still assembling the big tower that will hold my oven and microwave combination. They had that sitting out in the garage. I hope it wasn’t damaged. They had left Ethan‘s vanity in the garage and the whole right side of it was smashed up. It must’ve gotten damaged in transit. I’m really happy they didn’t just go ahead and install it. I did take a picture just to be safe though.


I skipped having the builder install a backsplash in the kitchen. They charge a fortune to do something that wasn’t even exactly what I would’ve wanted anyway. I’ll post later with some of my plans for the kitchen. Looks like I’m going to learn how to install ceramic tile. LOL

This is the built in oven section, but I think maybe they got the wrong one. I have a built in oven and microwave, so I think there should only be 1 drawer at the bottom. That would explain why it hasn’t been installed yet!

Here’s the appliance package I chose. This will go on the wall that doesn’t have many cabinets yet. Well, except the dishwasher. It’s over by the sink, of course.

One of the upgrades I chose was the kitchen convenience package. It gives me pull out shelves in all of the lower cabinets except for under the sink and under the cooktop. It also includes dovetail drawers and soft close drawers and cabinet doors. Oh and I get a built-in trashcan, which I’m surprisingly excited about. It’s the little things, you know. 😁

Just for giggles, I put these pictures into the Shaw flooring simulator. This is what they will kind of look like with the floors I chose. It’s a little cartoony but you get the idea.

That’s everything I noticed this week. They did have my doors delivered to the garage for storage. So here’s a sneak peek of what my interior doors will look like.

My construction manager emailed me last Friday and told me that this coming week they’ll be working on the cabinets, the trim, and the fireplace mantle and surround. Oh boy!

  1. SO FUN! now i want to move into a brand new house and pick fun things.

    1. It’s definitely fun! 😁

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