Decisions, decisions…

So, I close on the house in about three weeks. My dad has offered to install my kitchen backsplash while he’s in town that weekend. Yay!

But now I have to decide….. 🤔

Kitchen from the model home

This photo is essentially how my kitchen will look (except flipped). I did not opt for the subway tile because it was stupid expensive to have the builder install it and I wanted to do something with a little more pizazz.

Mom and I checked out some tile stores today and I got some ideas. I know for sure that I want to tile from the back of the cooktop to the ceiling with something fancy and probably monochromatic (probably b&w). And then the remainder of the backsplash will be either white subway tile or white arabesque. Depends on what I land on for the pizazz piece.

Drumroll, please….here are my current options!

This one is definitely on my short list. I’ve seen similar versions on Pinterest and it’s gorgeous. I think I’d have to pair it with subway tile because the arabesque may be too busy.

I love this one because the black isn’t quite so in your face as the first option. Again, I think I’d need to pair it with subway tile.

I kind of love this one. It’s a bit more subtle and may give me more flexibility in the future.

So there you have it. My indecisiveness in full bloom.

Next up, my office! Here’s a sneak peek:

Pretty wallpaper
Colorful board and batten
Modular desk
Some sort of natural chandelier for warmth and texture
My favorite ikea curtains (Matilda)
  1. Kristy Ahdel Avatar
    Kristy Ahdel

    I LOVE that top one, but I worry about lasting power. The last option seems more classic and like it will stand the test of time and still feel classy and relevant. I hate and love making those kind of decisions all at the same time!

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