The New House 2021

So close!

It’s almost time!! I close in 13 days! They have really kicked it into gear on the house. And I absolutely love it. I don’t have much to say about it yet, but here are some progress pictures!

Kitchen is almost completed!
Did I mention I love my kitchen?
There’s a loaner dishwasher installed right now, but I noticed my “real” dishwasher was in a box in the kitchen, so it must have finally arrived.
Laundry room

I will definitely be adding some cabinets to the laundry room for storage. Those wire shelves are useless. 🤪

Master Bath
Carpet! Spindles! Rails! 🎉
Ethan’s bathroom

That’s it for now! It looks like they just have quite a bit of detail work to wrap up this week. They need to paint my door and the garage door. Lots of cleaning needed as well. And I imagine the sod in the front yard and landscaping will be coming soon. Stay tuned….

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