Spring, spring, spring! 🌸

Just a quick hit of things that have been on my mind…


Most of the bulbs we planted last fall are making their way up to the sunshine. This is my first time planting bulbs and I will never not have Spring bulbs again. Having these beautiful pops of green and other vibrant colors after a long and dreary winter is exactly what I need right now.


I mean, when are dogs not on my mind?

Pearl got to see the Grand Canyon and swim in two oceans and the gulf. She also got to bark at wild animals in 30+ states!

Last mont, Troy had to make the difficult decision to help Pearl cross over the rainbow bridge. She was dealing with painful arthritis and loss of bowel control. I got to say goodbye to her when I dropped Ethan off a few days before it happened. She was ready. There was something in her eyes that said she knew it was time and it was okay. She had lived these past three years with Troy, but she will always be my baby girl. I cannot imagine a better dog. She was one-of-a-kind.

Ethan insisted on going with them to the vet’s office. He went to the back with her, petted her, and told her that she was a good girl and he loved her. 😭 This was his first experience dealing with loss and he handled it better than most adults would. This kid is someone very, very special. ♥️

And to end on a happy note, these three boogers make us so happy every day.

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