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I have a wedding photo dump coming up soon, but in the spirit of posting things on my blog more often, I thought I’d share some photos of my latest gardening endeavor.

It all started with inflation. And empty shelves. And a never-ending quest to freaking find fresh herbs!! It’s become completely hit or miss which fresh herbs I can find at the grocery store. With that and outrageous prices I’m kind of over it.

I actually caught myself saying to my husband the other day: “Back when I was younger, we budgeted $80 every TWO WEEKS for groceries.” And we had more than enough to eat. That’s right. I’ve reached the ripe old age in which I can talk about the good old days when eggs were 36 cents a dozen.

I digress. My quest for herbs.

I finally reached the point where I decided it’s probably faster, cheaper, and less maddening to just GROW MY OWN.

My first little batch is coming along nicely. Sage, thyme, two varieties of basil, English lavender, and chives.

I thought this little guy was a goner. My future batches of salsa wept with joy as he filled out after being transplanted to a larger planter. Apparently cilantro doesn’t do as well indoors. Oopsie.

If you suck at keeping plants alive, try Basil. Trust me. The ultimate gardening dunce slam dunk. It grows fast. It’s pretty. It’s not finicky. It will boost your confidence in no time.

I may or may not have about 8 basil plants going right now. No idea what I will do with it all. Probably foist some of it off on all the family members who’ve kept me supplied with tomatoes and cucumbers every summer.

And last, but not least, my experiment growing Microgreens. It was so easy that I think I have let them go too long. I’ve learned that Microgreens are usually ready to harvest in two weeks or less! Crazy, right?

Don’t they look so deliciously nutritious?

That’s all for now. I’m getting my little grow tent prepped for all of the veggies and flowers we plan to plant in the outdoor garden this year! I can’t wait to get started. My fingers are itching to dig in the dirt!

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